When You Use the Word “Healthy”

I’ve been seeing a trend in food photos on Facebook and Instagram’s health arenas. The reason for posting can vary, from the purpose of accountability to just sharing a newly-discovered recipe. But they always start out with the words: 

“It’s not the healthiest but…”

By saying this, in a way, you are apologizing for your food choices. Let’s set something straight here: you are a grown ass adult and have the right to eat whatever you desire. No one has ANY RIGHT to judge or to tell you what or how to eat (unless you are actually seeking input regarding your nutrition).



What does “healthy” even mean, really? To me, as a nutrition student, the term “healthy” is a relative term, meaning what is healthy for you may or may not be the best option for another person.

What?! Healthy isn’t a universal word? Why?

This is why: you have presented your audience with a single snapshot of your meal. None of us know how many macros or calories you have consumed/will consume for the rest of your day (or week!). So maybe that carb- or fat-loaded dinner is something you need tonight because you haven’t been able to eat much all day. You need calories to live, after all. Or maybe you just need an effing mental break from the family and this was a quick and easy meal, so the whole fam could finally sit down to eat and just shut up already (I know I’m not alone here ?).

We also likely don’t know HOW MUCH of this meal you are consuming, which is a HUGE factor!

The diet industry has beaten this image of a smiling person eating a salad (with no dressing!) into our heads and called it “healthy.” But health is so much more than that sad salad. It’s consuming proteins, and fats, and even carbs, sometimes in the form of a very nice, comforting dinner! And that is 100% okay!

I don’t know about you, but I’m only interested in those who keep their stories 100% real. I want to know that I am not the only one who occasionally tucks into a giant bowl of cheap ramen noodle soup on a cold day, or eats some Ben and Jerry’s despite the Internet telling me that sugar will give me cancer and I will die.

My message to you is to post your food pics and recipes and post them with confidence! So what if you’re using white rice instead of brown (or no grains), or eating low carb (or eating pasta), or red meat (or plant-based foods), or something fat-free (or adding extra butter).

Everyone has a different way of eating that helps them sustain good health in the long run, and the sooner we realize that, the better. 





PS – While we are talking about honesty here, I had a Taco Bell Crunchwrap and 7 Layer Burrito after my CPR training at 10:30pm. I was starving, and it was convenient, delicious, and worth it.


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