About KrysAnn

I'm KrysAnn
About Me

I'm an amateur mom, feminist, overthinker, tarot reader, hypothyroid and endometriosis warrior, and body positive fitness instructor

I'm a certified personal trainer, nutrition student, and I have shiny object syndrome. I bounce around a lot from hobby to hobby. I'm very much the type who takes interest in something super fast, learns everything I can in a month and then gets bored and moves on to something else. I listen to/read crime and thriller podcasts and books daily. I'm a tea snob. I like to read tarot and follow moon phases. I lift heavy stuff, and I also meditate and practice yoga.

I am a "soulpreneur", meaning I am determined to do something that rewards my heart above all things.

After taking some time off to tune out the fitness world and really listen to my body, I found out that a lot of women are in a similar place as me, with similar struggles. While I am doing better, I am still in a constant battle with body image and have a hard time with the idea that I am permitted to take up space in the health and wellness world regardless of my size.

Eventually, I came to realize that the diet and fitness industry needs to see more people like me: moms who are considered overweight but still making efforts to maintain an active lifestyle for the sake of our families and our own sanity. We need to fight the extreme dieting and restriction crazes, and the idea that if you're not "skinny enough" you're not "healthy". The fitness industry needs more people who don't meet today's idea of "fit" and yet they are still kicking ass and taking names. You know why? Because the diet and fitness industry needs more REAL LIFE stories, more sustainable and long-term practices, and the idea that "happy and healthy" shouldn't ever be contingent on a number or an aesthetic "look".

I created this blog as a way to process my thoughts and voice my inner truths. I currently live in a region where my views on a lot of things aren't considered the most popular. This blog is my way of still staying true to myself, and hopefully helping you to do the same.

So please do stick around if you have an interest in self care and body positive fitness, feminism, being a unicorn mom, and/or woo-y spiritual stuff. I'm pretty sure you'll find something here that you like.