How to Set Your Intentions During the New Moon

I’ve always felt a strong connection to the moon, even when I was little. My dad purchased a super strength telescope for my brother when we were kids. I loved using it to gaze at the moon. I loved staring at all the crevices and pockmarks and that beautiful glow. It was a feeling both exhilarating and comforting. I didn’t understand it a lot then, but now I see how that connection I felt with the moon actually has its place in my life now.

It’s interesting to see how life events play out in relation to the current lunar phase. I’m not huge into astrology, but I find the idea of the moon and its phases somehow having an effect on our experiences fascinating. The new moon has often been a time of renewal and re-alignment for me.

Just like people set up goals and intentions for the upcoming month, I like to set my own goals and intentions with each new moon. Here’s how you can too:



How to Set Up

Find a quiet and comfortable place to sit and think on the day of the new moon (I prefer evenings), like you would with a regular tarot reading (article here). You will need:

  • A journal or piece of paper and something to write with
  • Candles, incense, sage, palo santo, crystals, pillows, tea, or anything else that makes you feel happy and cozy
  • A tarot or oracle deck (optional)
  • A meditation app (optional)
  • Music (optional)

Get comfortable and think back on last cycle’s intentions (if you have any): think about what went right, and what could have been better. Some people like to burn the paper they wrote their previous intentions on as an act of letting things go, but my husband is a fire safety specialist and would probably kill me if I tried to burn anything but candles and incense inside the house. But the main key is to let go of any and all negative associations from your past intentions and focus fully on the positive outcomes. Give thanks for them.


How to Begin

To start fresh for the new moon, write down 3-5 intentions that you want to set for the upcoming cycle. Create some new intentions, or maybe some that need more work from a previous cycle. You don’t have to write down a ton of stuff, just what is most important to you right now. Some people make “wishes” for things or experiences, which I will do occasionally, but I also like to focus on more personal goals. Some examples are: 

  • “Stop apologizing for my body. Make a conscious effort to stand in my power and own it.”
  • “Start getting more in tune with my body. Pay more attention to my hunger cues, my energy levels, and my moods.”
  • “Start practicing random acts of kindness daily.”

I know it kind of sounds like a personal development to do list, and it kind of is for me, but you can totally think as big as you want to here. Set intentions for that castle on a hill, that trip around the world, that special someone to finally walk into your life (that’s pretty much how I got my guy, going on 7 years now).

After writing down my intentions, I like to pull tarot or oracle cards to help further understand my experience and then meditate on the messages I receive for about 10 minutes. Meditation helps set these intentions in motion. Feel free to meditate on these intentions throughout the cycle as often and as long as you wish.


What to do after

Keep your list of intentions in view. Refer to it often. Use it to meditate on/pull some cards whenever you feel inspired to do so. I usually take a moment to reevaluate everything and release any negative energies during the full moon as well, but I’ll write about that in another post.

For anyone interested in learning more about lunar cycles and setting intentions with each new moon, Moonology is a good book to get you started.

I really hope you give this ritual a try. Because… cycles, witchy things, and womanhood are all part of the same thing, amiright?





How I set intentions during the new moon with tarot, journaling, and meditation.

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