My Top Ten Favorite Big Ass Salad Recipes


Here’s a recipe roundup of my top ten favorite big ass salad recipes. No puny little bowls of sad, naked greens here! Your satisfaction factor with these salads will be through the roof! Most of these only take a few minutes to assemble as well, which makes it super convenient if you’re a busy mom with a toddler, like me, and you want a filling and balanced meal.

So let’s do this…



I like this without the cheese, because I’m weird about where I like to eat my cheese. But if you like cheese on a salad, good for you, but we can no longer be friends.

Strawberry Pecan Grilled Chicken Salad with Pecan Butter Vinaigrette



There’s something mouth-watering about this combo of sweet and tangy BBQ sauce, chicken, tortilla strips, corn, and lots of greens. Mmmm. Again, no cheese though. Cheese doesn’t belong on hamburgers or salads, (unless it’s mozzarella on my black bean burger taco salad listed down below). So sue me.

BBQ Chicken Salad



Sometimes I want to forgo the animal protein and just have a light salad as a small meal or as a side dish. This salad, my friends, is a winner winner.

Vegetarian Italian Chopped Salad



Salami. End of story.

Savory Salami Chopped Salad



Greek salads are one of my favorites. And yes, sometimes I even eat the feta cheese with it… Hey, I didn’t choose these tastebuds. They chose me.

Greek Salad



This is my creation and I probably eat it at least once or twice (or thrice) a week because DAMN IT’S TASTY.

BAS Recipe #233 — Taco Salad with Black Bean Burger



Hubs loves tuna cakes. I love salads. This way we both win.

Spicy Tuna Cake Salad with Orange Balsamic Vinaigrette



Shrimp is one of the fastest-cooking proteins, and I always have frozen shrimp on hand. Super quick shrimp salad, anyone?

Avocado Shrimp Salad Recipe (VIDEO)



I like hamburgers. But sometimes I pile on so many vegetables and condiments that it can resemble the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Hence, the hamburger chopped salad was born.

BAS Recipe #625 — Hamburger Chopped Salad



Steak. On a salad. What’s not to like?

Carne Asada Steak Salad


See? There is such a thing as a satisfying salad (or ten!). I hope you enjoy. Please let me know which ones you want to try/have tried in the comments below.





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