I’m Ditching Hormonal Birth Control, and How You Can Too

I’ve been on and off birth control since my late teen years, and I’ve always been subject to the negative side-effects. For the longest time, I thought this was my only choice for birth control. I was never informed that my cycles could actually be tracked and I could go hormone-free.


There are multiple options, but my preferred method is using the Daysy fertility monitor. The Daysy fertility monitor contains an algorithm that actually learns your cycle patterns. It then informs you what days it is safe to have unprotected intercourse, and what days are not. The Daysy tracks your basal body temperature, taken each morning when you wake up, and let’s you know with a little color-coded light on if it is safe to have unprotected sex that day, or not. You can also use it if you’re trying to conceive since it let’s you know when you’ve ovulated.



How long will the Daysy take to learn your patterns?

Depending on how consistently I use the Daysy to take my temperature each morning, it can take up to three months before Daysy learns my body’s ovulation and menstruation patterns. During this timeframe, other forms of protection should absolutely be used during intercourse.


What if I have irregular periods?

The Daysy fertility monitor can still work but can be less effective for women with irregular periods. I have stage II endometriosis but my periods have been fairly regular so I am safe to use it.


How will you manage your endometriosis symptoms?

To be honest, while on birth control, my endometriosis symptoms were managed very well. However, hormonal birth control has made me feel like I don’t even have a uterus at all. I might as well have nothing down there. Nothing. It’s almost like I forgot what having a uterus felt like, if that makes sense. So after a lot of thought, I decided that I would rather feel a few days of painful endometriosis symptoms than nothing at all. I want to be back “in sync” with my body and my womanhood, even if it means suffering for a few days each month.


Are there other ways to track my fertility without the Daysy?

Absolutely! I highly recommend reading “Taking Charge of Your Fertility” by Toni Weschler, MPH. It is a highly informative read for anyone looking to better understand their cycles and fertility. Every woman should read this, really!

I am writing this post mostly because I want you to know that you have OPTIONS, momma. Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking hormonal contraceptives are your only choice.

I don’t deny that hormonal contraceptives have their time and place for some women. But for those of you who suffer numerous negative side effects, I highly recommend reading the above book AND looking into using something like a fertility monitor.

You CAN take charge of your own fertility without the nasty side-effects, momma!

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