How Many Times Have You Gone Back to the Thing That Has Repeatedly Failed You?

It’s becoming more and more apparent that diets don’t fix anything. Yet we keep going back to them, over and over, claiming that this time it will work because “it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change” and that will won’t lose our willpower. Sound familiar? It does to me. I was this person, for a majority of my young adult life.

I’ve come to learn that willpower is something we can’t rely on when we want to make changes. Willpower will always fail us, no matter how strong or enthusiastic we may feel. So will relying on external sources for motivation (especially toxic ideals like “fitspo”). It never lasts. In the end, the only thing that matters are our habits, the habits that we tend to fall back on, even when times get a bit rough. What habits do you tend to fall back on when your willpower and your motivation fade? Are they good habits? Probably not.

This is why it is so incredibly important that we create small and sustainable habits to slowly change the way we operate daily, as well as the way we react to life’s stressors (aka, things that cause us to “fall off the wagon”). In a perfect world, most of us could probably make big changes, like completely overhauling our diet and exercise schedules without a problem. But life isn’t perfect, is it? Hell no, it isn’t. And that’s why diets fail.

So instead of repeating the same unsustainable diet phase over and over again, how about we go about it a different way (and maybe even rethink why we feel the need to diet in the first place)? In my upcoming beta program for stay-at-home moms, I will be providing resources and tools to help busy moms like you make healthier decisions, without resorting to yo-yo diet and fitness regimens. Instead, we will be focusing creating fundamental habits and how to make them stick for the long haul.

This is life-changing stuff, mommas, and it will be available to you for free. No sleazy sales pitches or unrealistic promises. Just support and education. All for you, for free. Because this is the stuff that makes my heart beat. It is my passion to help women find their path and enjoy the process.

Join the waitlist for my Start Where You Are program here and receive a free copy of my Bliss Bowl Blueprint printable. Spaces will be limited, so join the waitlist now!





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