An Honest Product Review — MOTIV Ring — GUEST POST!

Hey everyone! Enjoy this guest post written by my bestie Cat about her new “fitness tech toy”, the MOTIV Ring!


Did you ever wonder when you could start having motivation wrapped around your finger? I was never interested in wearing a clunky fitness tracking watch and sat out on the FitBit and Apple Watch craze the last few years. However, a Facebook advertisement caught my eye recently that featured a ring that was a fitness tracker. I did some searching around and this particular ring seemed to have some good talk behind it. It happened to be around my birthday, so I brought it up to my parents – low and behold, the MOTIV Ring came in the mail not long after.

The packaging is sleek and simple when you receive the ring and they include TWO chargers!




Just take a look at this sleek ring. Can you even tell that it is a fitness tracker from first glance? I’m going to assume no, because not a single person has noticed it being anything other than a normal piece of jewelry. The options are slate grey and the rose gold that I chose, as pictured below.



The ring is incredibly comfortable to wear, I didn’t even notice it most of the time after the first day of wearing it. I can wear it in my sleep without any disruption, even the lights to check heart rate haven’t bothered my slumber.

Those who are wanting a simple sleep tracker and fitness monitor would be happy with this product. The app is simple and focuses on not weighing consumers down with confusing information they wouldn’t know what to do with. For some, it would be considered perfect! Here’s a snapshot of the app’s homescreen:



Battery life is up to three days and it is also water resistant up to 165 feet. I doubt I’ll be scuba diving with the ring, because that’s a good way to lose jewelry due to pressure changes!



Keep in mind the cons are in the context of my own life: I am a stay-at-home mother of an eight-month-old. My daily life and activities are consumed with taking care of my child.

While the simple app with stripped down data might be agreeable to some, I don’t believe it is preferred for the individuals paying $199.00 for this product. That is not a small amount of money for some individuals. Your fitness enthusiast who want to try out new wearable tech are not going to be happy unless they get more information. It is a startup and brand new tech company, so there is still a large amount of troubleshooting and figuring out what their consumers truly want. The company is trying to ensure its users that updates are coming, but I hope they come quickly for the sake of its success.



As a mom, the ring makes it hard to truly track my activities: I am either pushing a stroller or holding my baby the majority of my day when moving around. This means that I am not swinging my arm, which it the biggest and most important feature for the ring to recognize that you are in fact performing an activity. When I’ve had my husband around pushing the stroller on walks, the ring has performed appropriately and even match the Apple Watch I’ve been wearing to compare stats.

Referring to being a mom again, the algorithms do not allow for recognizing middle of the night diaper changes. I have to get out of my bed, trudge across the house, change the diaper, and zombie walk myself back to bed. The sleep monitor doesn’t actually pick up on the subtle change in heart rate during this time and says I slept right through it all….I wish!!! It also thinks I’m sleeping if I’m just laying in bed. Improves definitely needed here.



As someone living with supraventricular tachycardia, I do not like that I cannot see real-time heart rate or get alerts when my heart rate spikes. I can only view once the activity has been completed. The company says the battery life would not be great if you added this feature, but they are looking into it as it’s been requested so much. The heart rate also has not matched the Apple Watch.



The ring only supports an iOS app at the moment, but the company says Android is in the works. I also need it to communicate with my Apple Activity and Apple Health Applications! I am excited to see the future potential this device and application has, but hope the company can do more action and less talk in that regard.

It is a heart rate monitor, sleep tracker, and activity sleuthhound in a tiny package and a first step towards the future of fitness trackers and wearable technology!



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