Some Myths About Your New Healthy “Lifestyle”

“It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle.”

Sorry, chicky, but if your “lifestyle” isn’t maintainable for LIFE, it’s not a lifestyle. If you decide to cut out entire food groups or start consuming weight loss shakes for the sake of your healthy lifestyle (that isn’t backed by your doctor/dietician), it’s a diet. Plain and simple.



As a nutrition student, I am in forums where people talk a lot about their food choices. Most people really mean well when they talk about their food intake, but often their decisions often come from misinformation and pseudoscience. It’s painful for me to see. I know that some people aren’t ready to listen, but I’m going to say something anyway.

Let me set some things straight:

  • There is no magical one-fits-all diet
  • There are no miraculous supplements or “secrets” that lead to weight loss
  • You don’t need to eliminate whole food groups in order to be healthy
  • There are absolutely ZERO foods that cause weight loss. I’m going to repeat this because I need you to read it again: there are absolutely ZERO foods that cause weight loss.
  • “Negative calorie foods” are a myth.
  • Foods do not “boost” metabolism (at least enough to make any kind of difference in your weight)

The only thing that causes weight loss is taking in fewer calories than you burn in a day. Period. 

So boring. I know, right? That’s why it’s not the popular method for weight loss. It’s boring. It isn’t exciting in any way. Boring isn’t marketable, and that is why you are constantly surrounded by other forms of weight loss aid disguised as “healthy lifestyle changes” that will suck your wallet dry.

The diet industry is a $60 BILLION industry with a 95% failure rate. BECAUSE BORING DOESN’T SELL. BUT BORING IS WHAT WORKS.







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