Things I Will and Will Not Do For My Body

I was inspired by an email from Neghar Fonooni a couple weeks back to write a list about the things she would and would not do for her body and decided to create my own. I do still find that I struggle with a few of the things listed below, so I will be referring back to this list as often as needed. We all need those reminders!


Things I Will Do For My Body:

  • Find one thing I appreciate about my body every day
  • Engage in physical activity as much as my body allows and in ways that I enjoy
  • Speak kindly about my body (and respond positively to all other bodies as well)
  • Take walks
  • Eat foods that make me feel satisfied and energized
  • Engage in daily self care practices, even if just for a few minutes
  • Accept my characteristics that society calls “flaws” (cellulite, jiggle, stretch marks, etc) and understand that they don’t make me any less of a human
  • Practice moderation and intuitive eating habits

Things I Will Not Do For My Body:

  • Put myself on any kind of restrictive diet
  • Feel guilty for taking time off from the gym or engaging in self care
  • Compulsively weigh myself or base my mood/self worth on the numbers (it’s only data!)
  • Call my characteristics “flaws” and try to somehow fix them because it will make me more attractive/worthy
  • Obsess over other peoples’ possible perceptions of my body (because it’s either all in my head, or others’ insecurities are being projected on me)



Writing out this list has been really freeing for me, so thank you, Neghar. I hope others who read this will also be inspired to make their own lists.

So, what does your list look like?





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