Five Things Friday – #9

This week has been crazy. You guys. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with my toddler becoming a crazy almost 2-year-old. I'm having stupid doubts about learning my Les Mills tracks (but I am determined to do it). I've fallen out of some really good habits like meditation and some other self-care practices. But I'm determined to get back to the calm, happy person I once was. We all have our ups and downs, because that is what life is, right? Onto Five Things Friday!

1. Big Ass Salads (BAS's)

I'm not sure who first invented the phrase "big ass salad" but it has stuck with me, because no one feels fully after picking at a tiny salad. The point of the BAS is to contain enough filling ingredients to keep you full until your next meal. A salad that eats like a meal! I try to eat one once a day, usually for lunch or before I make my dinner plate to make sure I've filled up on a lot of bulk before I tear into a calorie-dense meal. Pictured here: romaine piled high with a crumbled black bean burger, sweet corn, red onion, and sour cream with a small flour tortilla on the side (crumbled corn chips for topping are awesome too)


2. Many Moons Workbook

I haven't been as consistent with my Tarot reading and meditation as I have wanted to be these past couple months, but I have managed to make time to go through this amazing workbook a little every night. This workbook provides little devotions, tarot spreads, spells, and other practices to work with each moon phase. I've found it to be very grounding when I feel stressed out after a long day.


3. Baby Banana Boat Sunscreen Spray

My child has not burned once this summer, and I owe a lot of that to Banana Boat Baby Sunscreen. I can quickly cover my wiggly toddler from head to toe with the easy mist function. And I can quickly reapply while he's in the middle of running around the playground.


4. Amazon Echo

I adore my Amazon Echo so much I purchased an Echo Dot for our bathroom and another standard Echo for my husband so he can listen to tunes out in the garage. We use it to play our playlists when we workout in there, too. Amazon Echo comes with virtually unlimited amounts of customizations and apps that you can use, and it gets updates every other week or so. My main uses for it are as follows:

  • Ask Alexa to play a playlist
  • Ask her to add an item to my shopping list if I happen to see we are running low (this ALONE is worth the investment haha)
  • Find out what the weather is going to be like
  • Settle a debate of some kind that I have with Hubs (Alexa, who starred in the movie "Gone with the Wind?" I won that one because I am an old movie buff, and I mean OLD movies. Don't get me started on the Abbott and Costello classics, or all of John Wayne's films)
  • Set a timer for baking
  • Get a daily update from NPR
  • Call my phone so I can find it when my toddler loses it for the 49th time today

There are TONS more I haven't even thought about trying yet, but it has been one of the most used devices in our home.


5. My family is now part of that #YLife!

We finally left our gym and joined our local YMCA! I still have a paid-up membership with our previous gym that will last me for the rest of the year. But since the YMCA is my official sponsor for my Les Mills trainings, I needed to join pronto and start attending classes so I can get a feel for what is expected. It's not a bad deal, considering we got our joining fee waived because we had a friend who "referred" us, and we won't be paying the full YMCA membership price, thanks to the amount points I've racked up on the Safe2Save app (more on this from this Five Things Friday post).

All in all, it will be a good deal for all of us since they have a licensed daycare for my little monster, and Hubs can run down there during his lunch break to hammer out a quick workout.


Are a member of the YMCA or family gym?

Share in the comments below!

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