Five Things Friday – #8

I feel like this week has been a bit of an emotional roller coaster. My toddler is pushing his boundaries and expressing a lot of frustration (please tell me we haven't hit the terrible two's already!) and I've been forced to face a couple issues I have with my body. I'll be okay but weeks like this definitely test my sanity. Luckily, I can kind of forget about that and share some of my favorite things with you in this week's Five Things Friday post.

1. Devacurl cream

This cream has been amazing for my fine curls. I wear this and only this (with maybe a root lifter added in some days) on those days where I just let me hair air dry, to keep my curls looking soft yet defined.


2. Les Mills BodyPump

If you've been following me on IG, you may know that I'm in the process of kicking as much butt in BodyPump as I possibly can to prepare for my certification at the end of the month. I grew to love BodyPump because it makes weights seem less intimidating for those who are new to lifting, as well as proving a kick-ass workout for all fitness levels. BodyPump combines high reps and lighter weight with an excellent soundtrack to keep the sweat pouring and the heart pumping. Plus, I just got my email today from Les Mills notifying me of which tracks are mine to coach, so you know I'm going to kick it into high gear now!

3. Tea Box Express

I was asked to review this subscription box on social media a while back and loved it so much I ended up ordering the 3 month subscription for my mom for mother's day. I would order a monthly scrip for myself but I already have such an enormous tea stash I need to put a dent in that first before I can buy anything else haha. Their teas are high quality and they include other very cute little tea-themed goodies like cookies or chocolates, cards, steepers, and more. Follow them on Instagram: @teaboxexpress and tell them I sent you!


4. Parent & Tot Swim Lessons

We've been letting our little guy attend weekly swim lessons almost every month since he was four months old. I mean, I went scuba diving while I was pregnant with him, so swimming is in his blood! Side note: I didn't know I was pregnant when I went diving, but it's definitely not advised. Had I known, I would have snorkeled instead!

But Z is really loving these classes, especially in the summer during this 100+ degree weather. These are not life-saving technique classes, just exercises to get babies and toddlers comfortable in the water. And he totally is, so when the time comes to start actual swim lessons, he will be ready. If you have a local baby/toddler swim program, I highly recommend looking into it.


5. Sort your Spotify music with

This website takes your Spotify playlists and sorts them based on their BPM, energy, loudness, etc. So now you can make a running/spinning/cardio playlist that matches the tempo you want within your workout! It's awesome! I love using it for my spin workouts. 2017-07-07 13-57-49

What is your preferred music source? Spotify? Itunes? Google Play Music? CD's?

Share in the comments below!

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