Five Things Friday – #7

Oops. I posted a little late today! It's because the family and I went out for an early morning nature walk to get ahead of the heat. This week has been a busy one! We celebrated the 4th of July with some friends and devoured Hubs' smoked pulled pork sandwiches and my friend Cat's homemade blueberry cobbler and ice cream. Good day. I've also been busting my butt in BodyPump class this week so I can prepare for some intense training at the end of this month. But more on that later. Now: here's this week's Five Things Friday.

1. Pinxav Medicated Diaper Ointment

A friend gave us one of her tubes of Pinxav Medicated Diaper Ointment (aff link) and we haven't looked back. When the bub broke out in a tummy bug and had some nasty business going on his in diaper, he got a horrible rash. But the Pinkxav has definitely helped eliminate it, and fast. Diaper rash be gone!


2. Sandbag Workouts

I legit LOVE sandbags. Like, there is nothing more versatile in my opinion than a sandbag. You can take it anywhere, fill it with anything, and use it for just about any kind of workout. To find out more, visit I'm not an affiliate for them. I just love them. Here's me with my awesome little pink Power package.


3. Central Market Waffle Cut Garlic Hatch Potato Chips

I was told once by a coworker that these chips were like crack, and I have to admit they kind of are. They are salty, garlicky, spicy, and crunchy. What's not to love? I love dipping these into my ranch dip that I make from sour cream and ranch powder. Oh mannnn.


4. Bath and Body Works Mini Hand Sanitizers

B&BW had a buy 5 for $6 sale on their mini hand sanitizers and of course I had to stock up. Here's a couple of my favorites: Mermaid (ocean-scented with sparkles!), More Love, Less Hate (lemonade), and Suede (smells like cologne). Noir is also an awesome one, but not pictured. Hubs could wear that instead of cologne and I'd be all over him haha.


5. Lemon Ginger Radlers

Because no 4th of July celebration is complete without something cool and refreshing! These are like ginger lemon tea and a beer had a baby. Radlers are probably my new favorite adult beverage. They are super delish. Can you tell I had an amazing week filled with good food?


How about you? Did you have a good 4th of July celebration? Eat any amazing food you have to share with me, PLEASE?!

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