Five Things Friday – #27 – I’M BAAAACK

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Holy moly. Where did time go, people? I feel like the beginning of this year was such a whirlwind for me, kicking off my Start Where You Are Beta program, as well as offering personal training and given the position of instructor for some of our Mommy and Me classes and the Y. It’s been chaos, but really good chaos. I kind of fell into a slump, feeling overwhelmed at the thought of trying to do it all, but I’m learning to take these changes day by day. I do what I can to make things happen, and I don’t beat myself up about it if I miss something. It’s kind of why this blog went silent for a month. I needed a break.

But now I’m back, feeling refreshed and excited to kick off my first Five Things Friday of 2018!


I have been in search of a stylist who was willing to lift a lot of my natural hair color to give me a good deep purple. I’ve been wanting this kind of color for yeeeears. I finally found an amazing stylist named Chelsea at Euphoria Salon here in Midland who did an outstanding job at bringing some freaking POW and WOW back into my hair. Girl did amazing. And the color is staying nice and fresh with each wash thanks to my Overtone Extreme Purple daily conditioner. I’m super impressed with how it’s turned out.


2. My New Aurorae Gym & Yoga Backpack

I have been feeling so frustrated lately from dropping my things to go grab my runaway toddler at the gym. A gym bag is nice but when slung over one shoulder, it often slides down when I try to pick him up or one of the million items he drops on the way out to the car. I feel like I have to stop and bend over every 10 seconds. Out of aggravation I finally decided to purchase a gym backpack on Amazon.

The Aurorae Multipurpose Gym Backpack is the perfect style and fit. It can contain everything I need inside of it, plus the toddler’s little backpack that he refuses to carry sometimes. I try to make him carry his own things but that doesn’t always work.

The coolest part is that this backpack even has an exterior pocket and strap for a yoga mat. Most yoga bags only sling across one shoulder, which I find often hurts my shoulders and upper back because… I carry a shiz ton of crap. I needed something stable that wouldn’t slide to one side when I bend over. I love the color and the fit. The external zipper pouch is great for quick access items, as well as a smaller interior zipper pouch and a laptop sleeve. Aurorae nailed it with this product design. No more achy upper back! Woo!


3. Endless Alphabet App on iOS

My almost 2-year-old toddler has been interested in playing with my iPad a lot lately. I discovered the Endless Alphabet app so that I know he’s not wasting his brain power entirely on pointless games. Endless Alphabet allows kids as young as my little man to start learning letters, spelling, and word meanings. It’s adorable and filled with a ton of educational and fun graphics. My little monster loves it, and it’s come in super handy when I need him to sit still and stay quiet like when we are in a doctor’s waiting room. Available on both iOS and Android.

Endless Alphabet

4. Have You Donated to Your Local Food Bank?

It’s that time of year in my area where the Boy Scouts are collecting non-perishable items for the local food bank. I encourage you to donate, even if it’s just a few dollars worth of non-perishables. When the hurricane struck Houston last year, people in our city came to their aid because so many were left without food and proper shelter. But you don’t have to wait until the next big disaster to help someone. You can help someone right now by donating today. You can find your local food bank here.


5. Black Spot on Amazon Prime

Duuuuude. Okay, I’ll preface this by saying I really liked Dark on Netflix. If you did too, then I guarantee that you will love Black Spot on Amazon Prime. It has a very similar creepy-thriller-in-the-woods vibe, and it’s a French show, so everything is in subtitles. I know Dark was in German and had voiceovers but I almost found the fake voices distracting. I personally don’t mind subtitles because I like hearing the emotion in people’s voices. I’m only a few episodes in but I’m pretty sure I like this show better than Dark. The female lead is badass and the plot is intense. Plus it’s a little less confusing than Dark with the timeline. Dark fans will know what I mean *wink wink*


How has your New Year been treating you so far? I'd love to know.

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