Five Things Friday – #26

Hello, hello! And welcome to his week’s Five Things Friday! The holiday season is creeping up on us. Have you felt it yet? I have to say that since moving away from my family in 2010, Christmas hasn’t been as huge of a deal to me just because… well, I’ve been away from my family and that kinda sucks. But this year I’m pretty excited because I have a toddler who is at the age where he can start to appreciate “holiday things”. It’s kind of like I get to live the holidays vicariously through him. If you have kiddos I’m sure you get it, too. I’m pretty excited. He has started to identify Santa whenever he sees him, which I think is adorable. I’m not sure if he’ll be willing to sit on his lap just yet.

But I’m also really stoked for this holiday because my mom and dad are arriving in town tonight. They are visiting to watch the Z Monster while Hubs and I take a much-needed vacation, but when we come back we will be able to spend a few days all together as a family and I’m just so overjoyed.

But first, vacation! This time on Sunday I will be on a plane heading out of the country to meet up with our dive club buddies in Curacao. For that reason, there will be no blog posts next week. But I’ll be back at it the week after. I haven’t been diving since I was three weeks pregnant with the Z Monster (I didn’t know, otherwise I never would have been diving but ooooooh well!). I’m so looking forward to it.

Onto this week’s #FiveThingsFriday!

1. Lift Like a Girl eBook

Nia Shanks is kind of my secret girl crush and has been for a few years. She is an incredible authority on strength training for women. In fact, after reading her blog, I was converted to lifting heavy forever after. Her ebook was released this week on Amazon and soared to the #1 spot in the Exercise and Fitness category, which is exactly what she deserves. I haven’t started reading this book yet but I guarantee that anyone who picks it up will fall in love with it. Nia Shanks has a no-BS approach to diet and fitness for women, and is a much-needed voice among the current online fitpros. Get her book here, and then go visit her blog at You won’t regret it, love.


2. Therabox #2

My parents gifted me a 3-month Therabox subscription for my birthday. This year I have fully embraced gifting subscription boxes as birthday presents for my family and they liked them so much they decided to get me one and I LOVE it. A Therabox contains amazing things that can be used for self-care and increasing one’s happiness. This month’s box made me squeal OUT LOUD when I opened it. I mean, LOOK AT THOSE ADORABLE FINGERLESS KITTY MITTENS!!! AHHHHHH!!! Also included in this month’s box:

  • Hot chocolate gift set with a special cocoa and cute little rose gold colored stirring spoon
  • A puzzle coaster set that, when assembled, is in the shape of a sheep
  • Headache relief essential oil blend roller bottle
  • Charcoal peppermint soap (that smells amaaaazing)
  • Vanilla Cake chapstick
  • A gratitude journal (not pictured because I found it at the bottom of the box!)
  • An organic face scrub (also not pictured because I found it at the bottom of the box. ALWAYS SEARCH THE BOX COMPLETELY BEFORE TOSSING HAHA)

I’m so in love with this month’s box and can’t wait to use all of these amazing goodies on my upcoming vacation.


3. Matcha-Colada Smoothie Bowl at Living 360 Organics

Dude. I mean DUUUUDE. Just look at this bowl. I dare you not to drool. This bowl is probably one of my most favorite foods. Ever. Pineapple matcha smoothie base topped with Bear Naked Vanilla Granola, strawberries, shaved coconut, and honey drizzel. And no bananas. I think that is what makes me most happy, because I hate bananas and almost all smoothie bowls have them. Yucky. But I would choose this smoothie bowl over an ice cream sundae any day, and that says a lot! I mean, this girl loves her ice cream but oh em gee this bowl… it’s heaven. Once a week, my fit mom group and I go to Living 360 Organics here in Midland to chill out after our workout. Good food. Good friends. It’s the best.


4. Tarte Matte Lip Tint

I’ve had this matte tint for a while and I just “rediscovered” it at the bottom of my makeup drawer. I’m sure you’ve done the same thing, right? Haha. But I’m really digging this color. I’m a big matte color girl. Glosses aren’t really my thing. I don’t like sticky lips. Bleh. If you also like a matte tint that doesn’t dry out your lips, check out this line from Tarte. Pictured: Tarte matte lip tint in “Hope” color, which is a neutral pink and looks good on almost all skin tones.


5. Miyabi Kaizen 8" Chefs Knife

Hubs surprised me with this beauty as an early Christmas present after I broke my old chefs knife. The old one was mediocre quality and lasted me about 4 years, but this one is going to be a knife that stays in the family for a long time. It’s a gorgeous knife, and it cuts better than any knife I’ve ever used. LOVE IT.


Do you have a favorite smoothie bowl recipe that doesn't include bananas? I want to know. Please share below!

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