Five Things Friday – #25

Heeeeey frens. It's Five Things Friday AND Black Friday! I hope this means that you're all snuggled up at home in your pajamas with coffee and a blanket, searching the web for some good deals. I, too, am not battling the crazed crowds. Black Friday used to be such a fun family outing when I was younger, but now... NOPE. The crowds, the noise, the stress, all of it. Not my thing. I'd rather just look online for some good stuff and attempt to wrap up Christmas shopping that way instead. My inner introvert loves this so much more than being out in the cold at 5am... I'm stressed just thinking about it haha. 

Here's to the beginning of a happy holiday season!

1. Bliss Bowl Blueprint

I've created a waitlist for moms who are interesting in joining my #StartWhereYouAreProgram, which is a sustainable wellness program for mothers who are looking to get back some balance and sanity. As a thank you for joining the waitlist, I'll send you a free copy of my Bliss Bowl Blueprint, which contains lists of quick, easy, and balanced meals for busy moms. Plus, you'll be the first to be notified when enrollment begins, which is important since spaces will be limited. Sign up here! 2017-11-23 20-19-00-558

2. Pocket Casts App for Android

Hi, I'm Krys and I am addicted to podcasts. The app that enables this addiction is my Pocket Casts app. I have an Android phone and it irked me that some podcasts seemed to only be available on iTunes. The coolest thing about Pocket Casts is that if it's on iTunes, it will be in the Pocket Casts database. Plus you can your own create podcast libraries, save and download episodes, speed up the playback and mute silent sections to get through episodes faster, share playlists, and see what's trending. It syncs across all devices and there is also a web player available for a single $9 payment (worth it!). I can start something on my phone and then immediately start it up on my laptop when I need to start working. It's available on both Android and iOS devices.


3. Perfectly Posh "Pie to Die For" Pumpkin Body Scrub

I love body scrubs. After intense workouts, my skin needs a good scrub, but I've found that a lot of the scrubs I have used in the past could dry out my skin. I received this Pumpkin Body Scrub for my birthday and finally broke it out this week and I have to say... wow. I'm not a big fan of food-scented products, but this one is AMAZING. It's smells like pumpkin pie, but in a subtle way. It's not too sweet, either. It is thick and luxurious and feels incredible on my skin. It also leaves my skin feeling soft and supple and not dried out at all. LOVE.


4. Midland Fit Moms November Challenge of the Month

Every month, my local fit moms group has a challenge to help us work on building healthy habits. I have to say this month has been one of my favorites. We have been focusing on more ways to engage in self-care. As moms, we often don't get enough time to just focus on ourselves. This month has been really eye-opening at how important it is to "fill our cup" so that we can stay physically, mentally, and spiritually strong and also provide for our families. Making self-care a habit = priceless.


5. The Double Musky Inn Cookbook

Our Thanksgiving can't be Thanksgiving without a recipe or two from our favorite family cookbook. It also happens to be from our favorite restaurant in Alaska. Hubs and I went to the Double Musky Inn for a date night or two when we lived in Anchorage and we fell in love with it. It's kind of funny to think that some of the best Cajun cuisine we have eaten was in Girdwood, Alaska, but it's true. We loved their jalapeño cheese rolls so much that we specifically bought the cookbook just so we could make them at home. And now we make them every Thanksgiving and Christmas to make our dinner that much more awesome.


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