Five Things Friday – #23

It's Friday, again. What the heck. The US time change has my internal clock all messed up. I hope your time change wasn't too harsh. I know having kids and going through a time change can create chaos. Luckily it wasn't that bad for Z. He adjusted fairly quickly, thank goodness. This week I subbed for one of our Mommy and Me instructors who ran the NYC Marathon (go, Sara!) and also ventured into the weight room for the first time in forever. Find out more below in this week's Five Things Friday...

1. Chopped Frozen Onions (I'm serious!)

Oh you guys. I love cooking. I really do. But, sometimes the prep can be exhausting. I always joke with my husband that there is a direct correlation to the taste of the dish with how many dishes I make dirty. Hehe. It's true, isn't it? Well, sometimes, when I'm in a bind, I need to be quick with my meals and I have to say, bags of chopped frozen onions for hot dishes are SO GENIUS. No more tedious slicing and dicing onions or crying!

Sure, it's a tad bit more expensive. But how many times have you purchased a bag of onions only to have it sit and rot in the corner of the pantry? Frozen chopped onions is the cure! All hail the frozen veg!


2. Disney "First Look and Find" Book for Toddlers

My son has been loving these "look and find" books. He absorbs new words like a sponge right now, and is learning to repeat his letters back to us. He's not even two yet. Someone slow this kid down! But seriously, these books can be found at Barnes and Noble and they were even on sale!


3. Venturing Back Into the Weight Room

I've been so busy with group classes over the past few months that I haven't spent a lot (if any) time in the weight room working on some heavier lifts. A couple moms in my fit moms group joined me on Monday and it was a blast. The goal is to continue this once a week while also attending our group classes. It's a doable goal and it's going to get me accustomed to being in the weight room once again. Woo!


4. The Turby Twist

I have fine, thin, curly hair. Air-drying is such a pain because my hair always falls limp. In the past it has been hard for me to get volume and no frizz without the blow dryer. BUT! My Turby Twist microfiber hair towels (aff link) have been a lifesaver for my hair. I just apply my hair product, plop it into the Turby Twist, and let it (semi) dry. The microfiber helps tame the frizz and add volume especially at the root. I've been using my Turby Twist two-pack for about 3 years now. Looooove them.


5. Chobani Drinkable Yogurt

You might have seen me talk about these on my Instagram Stories. Lately I've been experiencing some anxious queasy feelings before an early morning class and don't feel like eating. But if I don't eat before a workout, I can potentially overexert myself and faint (I have a neurological condition called vasovagal syncope; I'm basically the human version of a fainting goat). ANYWAY... These drinks help keep something lightweight in my stomach and they don't make me feel queasy. They're pretty tasty, too! They're not too sweet and slightly tangy and come in a wide variety of flavors. Check them out the next time you head to the grocery store!



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