Five Things Friday – #22

Happy Five Things Friday, everyone! I hope you've had a great week. My week has been a bit busy with visitors, parties, and a wild toddler, but I've managed to get back to my normal routine. Even just taking a week off  has me feeling super sore after instructing BodyPump. Oy! I need to step it up and do more than just one Pump class per week, that's for sure.

Onto the good stuff!

1. HabitChallenger Smartphone App

If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed my recent post on the new habit tracking app I've been using. It's called HabitChallenge, available on both Android and iOS. It's very simple, easy to log your habit(s) and best of all, it gives you the option for daily reminders. When I'm starting a new habit, reminders are always extremely helpful. I was a longtime Nomie Pro user but it didn't have a reminder function, so when I found this app, I jumped on it. And so far I've been very happy with it and with my increase in good habits!


2. Mommy & Me Class

I've been enjoying attending (and subbing for) Mommy & Me classes at our local YMCA. While I love having some 'me time' at the gym, away from my crazy toddler, I do enjoy having him with me, watching me be active and happy. I want to instill good habits with him very early, and he loves to "help" his mommy do some exercises. I really like giving him duties/chores/exercises to perform so he feels included. Mommy & Me class gives me that opportunity and it's awesome.


3. Yoga Swing Videos on Youtube

If you saw last week's #FiveThingsFriday post, you probably saw my new yoga swing setup. I've been super excited to do more yoga swing-inspired workouts and I discovered some goldmines on Youtube. Just take a look here. I'm so pumped for more inversion and strength work!


4. TheraBox Subscription

My parents were so sweet and gifted me a 3-month subscription box from TheraBox for my birthday. Each box contains amazing goodies for self-care. And we just began a self-care challenge this month, so... NAILED IT, Mom and Dad! Thank you! This month's box contains Palo Santo, body milk, a moisturizing and toning Korean paper face mask, lavender chocolate, an essential oil face spray, sugar body scrub, and Dead Sea mud mask. I'm SO EXCITED to use all of this.


5. Halloween Candy!

This Halloween was my son's first experience with trick-or-treating. Needless to say, he quickly got the hang of running up to someone's door, knocking, and asking for candy. He was the cutest little Batman on our street. But when we returned home (still a bit early) I had two bags of candy ready for the remaining trick-or-treaters, we only had a dozen or so. Thank goodness for moderation, which has helped me enjoy some Halloween candy but not fall into the binge-guilt-restrict cycle. I had a couple treats with coffee last night and I plan to have a couple more crumbled over vanilla ice cream tonight after dinner.



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