Five Things Friday – #2

It’s Fri-yay! I hope everyone enjoyed their Memorial Day weekend last week. I’m going to be busy this weekend preparing for my mother-in-law’s visit. I think Hubs’ aunt and grandmother might be coming to visit as well, which will be awesome because I’ll have plenty of people willing to watch Z while I go out and spend some time… alone. It’s going to be glorious.

You moms have been there too, right?

Okay, here we go!


1. Celestial Dirty Chai

Bye bye, cold brew. Momma’s got a new favorite drink. Dirty chai = chai + espresso. So you get the spiciness and sweetness from the chai and the caffeine from the espresso. You guys, it’s divine. I found this brand at Target and haven’t found it anywhere else. This box is a concentrated mix, so all you have to do is add milk or water. I like adding unsweet vanilla cashew milk, which is really creamy but less calorie-dense than regular milk. TRY IT.



2. Nasty Women Radio

Ladies (and gents), this podcast is one of the best feminist podcasts out there. Erin Brown and Neghar Fonooni totally tear it up in this educational and entertaining podcast (click here for their podcast). I love their sense of humor and their topics. They always NAIL IT. You can also follow them on Instagram.


3. Daysy Fertility Monitor

Recently I decided to get off all forms of hormonal birth control. My hormones were all out of whack, my moods were like a rollercoaster, and dare I say it… my libido had ceased to exist. I did some research and came across the Daysy Fertility Monitor and I have to say that I am SO HAPPY I purchased it. All I do is use it to take my temp each morning and it does the rest. I’ve written about the Daysy and getting off of all hormonal birth control here.



4. White Barn Candle Co.

If you’re familiar with Bath and Body Works’ candle collections, you’ll probably recognize the name White Barn. It’s a brand associated with B&BW but a couple years ago, White Barn was converted into a standalone brand. Our local mall recently renovated their Bath and Body Works storefront into two separate stores: B&BW and White Barn. Needless to say, the moment I heard about White Barn’s opening, I ran in and stocked up on some of my favorite fragrances, which haven’t always been in stock at B&BW. Now I have access to them anytime and I don’t have to grab loads of candles at a time for fear of them going away!


5. Fargo, the TV show

Why am I just now finding out about this show? I’m a pretty big Martin Freeman fan. I’m only halfway through the first season but I’m hooked. The cast contains a bunch of big talent, and definitely is keeping me on my toes. Please tell me the other seasons are just as good, pleeeeeease.


This week’s question:

What show are you hooked on right now?

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