Five Things Friday – #18

I'm late out of the gate this Friday just because I got called in to sub for another BodyPump class this morning. But it's all good! There's nothing quite like getting your workout done for the day. Hubs was off work today so he watched Z while I could shower and curl up on the couch with the laptop and a hot cup of coffee while Hubs put the kiddo down for a nap. Love him. The weather is cold and rainy today and reminds me of my home in Oregon. Here's this week's Five Things Friday:

1. Pickle Pops

These awesome pops have been very popular around here this week. First, because my toddler has been teething and wants to eat anything and everything that is frozen. He also loves sour things. So win-win. Secondly, because they are a great recovery pop, full of electrolytes to replenish after a massively sweaty workout sesh.


2. B Vitamin Complex

When I started consistently working out, I noticed that I was feeling a lot of fatigue. I was recommended this complex. My endocrinologist ran some tests and said that I'm reacting well to this complex and to keep taking them. I have noticed a huge increase in my energy levels.People who are moderately to heavily active are more prone to vitamin B deficiency. If you're feeling fatigue, you might want to check with your physician to see if you're running low on any vitamins. My dad also uses this supplement and has also seen major improvements in his energy levels.


3. Thai Cucumber Salad

I cannot get enough of this spicy and sweet and crunchy and fresh and vinegary salad. It's just incredibly delicious with thinly-sliced cukes, red onion, vinegar, and optional red pepper flakes. It goes well as a side with a lot of dishes. Recipe here. I usually use a bit more vinegar and a little less sugar just because I love a lot of tanginess in my salad.


4. That's So Cuke Face Wash

This fresh foaming cleanser (aff link) feels amazing on my skin. It smells incredible, like cucumber and mint, and contains cucumber extract, organic aloe vera, and cooling peppermint for a bright, refreshed complexion. It's super soothing and doesn't dry out my skin like a lot of other cleansers, and it helps prevent breakouts from sweaty workouts. You're only 1-2 pumps away from a fresh, soft, and bright face!


5. Fall Colored Nail Polish

Fall colors are MY JAM. I really dig a nice dark neutral color, or a pewter sparkle like the one I have on now. Now to just figure out how to stop smudging them. It never fails. I sit down to paint my nails and then the toddler wakes up and demands a snack. Aaaaaand they're smudged.

TIP: add a matte top coat to a sparkly polish to tone down the sparkliness . I did a matte coat on my first finger, the rest with a regular top coat. I think I'm going to go back and add a matte coat to all of them.


What is your favorite thing about Fall fashion?

Please share in the comments below!

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