Five Things Friday – #17

Happy Five Things Friday! The weekend is almost here! Of course, weekends don't mean much for stay-at-home moms haha. But still, I hope you have something to look forward to this weekend, whether it's time off work, or maybe a get together with friends or family, or just some REST. Whatever it is, I hope it's awesome and rejuvenates you for the upcoming week.

This past week has been a bit rough for us. The toddler is trying to give me a heart attack every other minute (my friend Maegan calls him a "goat" because he is on top of absolutely everything). I also attacked my ISSA Group Fitness Specialist Certification exams and finally completed them (and also found out yesterday that I PASSED! Woo!). Now I feel like a have a little more time to focus on this final stretch of filming my video for my BodyPump certification. Whew! I'll be truly happy when this month is over. It's been nonstop around here!


1. Natural Calm

I've been neglecting my pre-bedtime rituals lately and I feel like it's definitely impacting my sleep patterns. This past week I feel like my brain has been running non-stop. It's been so bad that I have been unable to fall asleep because I keep playing out potential scenarios for the next day over and over in my head. Can you relate? In the past I have used Natural Calm to help release some of the tension I've been carrying around with me. It's been a huge sleep aid for me and I started using it again last night. It made a world of difference in my sleep. It's a powdered magnesium supplement and it actually tastes really good. I like to drink it warm at night, like a tea, but it's really good when mixed with cold water too. Highly recommend. I've been using it on and off for years and aim to make it a habit.


2. Foo Fighter's New Album "Concrete and Gold"

I have been a big Foo Fighters fan since I discovered them in middle school. Their latest album may not carry as much publicity as their last album did but it's really growing on me. I have had it on repeat in the car for the past week. Even the toddler likes rocking out to it.



If you're like me and a little click happy with email subscriptions, this website is a LIFESAVER. Seriously, if you don't have it set up yet, DO IT. tells you how many subscriptions you have coming into your email inbox and allows you to either roll up selected emails in to one condensed email per day (or week), or just unsubscribe from them all with a couple clicks. It has saved me a ton of time cleaning up my inbox from unwanted subscriptions. And it's FREEEEEE.


4. Midland Fit Moms Apparel

I created a design for our local fit moms group and I loved how the shirts turned out. There were a ton of styles and colors available, but most of the moms purchased these cute flowy tanks and pullover sweatshirts. Thank you to Teespring for helping us make this happen and also helping us donate 100% of our profits to Women for Women International.


5. Overtone

I've literally had about 10 people this week comment on my hair. I owe most of this awesome color to my Overtone conditioner and deep conditioner. I use my Overtone conditioner every other time I get in the shower and it keeps my hair color looking super vibrant and fresh. I have naturally dark hair that usually doesn't work with any purples, but Overtone's Extreme Purple has blown me away with the results. LOVE!


Have you ever dyed your hair a different color?

Please share in the comments below!

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