Five Things Friday – #14

I'm baaaack! I took a nice weekend vacation last week and took a small hiatus for Five Things Friday, but here we are. We returned home on Sunday after visiting some great friends. But then Hubs got sick, followed by my toddler, and then it was my turn. My ears are still plugged but most of the nasty head stuff has gone away, thank goodness!

Here we go!

1. ISSA Group Fitness Certification

I wanted to get another ISSA (International Sport Science Association) certification to help deepen my knowledge about fitness and decided that a group fitness certification would be perfect since I'm starting to specialize in group workouts.


2. MPOW Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones

I've been searching for a good pair of bluetooth over-ear headphones under $50 for learning my Les Mills releases, and I have to say, these ones (aff link) are FAB. And they are currently listed at $34.99. The sound is great, the fit is very comfortable, and there are multiple color options. For the price, these are probably one of the best items on the market right now. Highly recommend.


3. Posh Hunk Chunk

If you're familiar with Perfectly Posh, you'll know that everyone raves about the versatility of the Gender Bender Chunk, but I'm pretty sure the Hunk Chunk has it beat. Not only does is smell SO much better (woodland fir, fresh citrus, and amber musk because dude scents are THE BEST) but it cleans just as well!

I compared it with the Gender Bender to see which one removed my purple color wash and conditioner's stain from my hands and the Hunk performed just as well as the Gender Bender, if not better. With Posh's Hunk Chunk, I get a squeaky-clean all over feeling, but it doesn't dry out my skin because it contains nourishing shea and palm fruit oils, and all of their ingredients are sustainably sourced. I love it so much I may never use anything else every again.


4. Sacred Creator's Oracle Book

You probably know that I love my Tarot decks. Recently I've been favoring the Sacred Creator's Oracle deck from Chris-Anne (maybe partly because her name is like mine!) and her accompanying book. It gives great journal and thought prompts for each card, and most of them correlate to a Tarot card so its use is pretty much universal.


5. Big coffee mugs to hold my coffee PLUS my protein creamer

Nothing makes me happier than a big ol' cup of coffee and some protein creamer. But screw those tiny mugs. Momma needs a giant container for all of that glorious caffeine, and this particular mug makes me super happy every time I use it. Thanks, Target 😉


Do you have a favorite coffee mug?

Please share in the comments below!

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  1. I have to say that my favorite coffee mug tells the world that I'm a Grandma and that I have superpowers! I'd post a picture, but I think you know what it looks like! Happy Friday!
    1. Yes! Grandma status is a definite superpower! :D

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