Five Things Friday – #13

Hey everyone! Happy Friday! Today is my husband's 9/80 Friday (he gets every other Friday off) so I'm super pumped for the three-day weekend with him (when we both worked for the same company we both had the same 9/80 schedule and it was glorious). This week I have continued to learn my tracks for BodyPump and will be instructing today at the YMCA. Honestly, I feel like we live at the Y now, haha. But there really isn't any other gym/rec center I'd rather spend my time. I'm happy to be able to support such a great organization. The Z monster has also been sleeping through the night for the past 10 days *knocks on wood* so that's like... a total gamechanger right there. Here's this week's Five Things Friday:

1. New Crossfit Nano 7.0 Shoes

I've been needing a new pair of shoes for BodyPump and I heard some mixed reviews about the new Reebok Nanos. The main complaint has been that these new Nanos are very narrow, but I have pretty narrow feet so I thought I would give them a try. For me, they're just the right amount of snug around the toe box. Also, I LOVE how much more supported I feel in my squats and lunges. The reinforced heel offers an amazing amount of stability so I'm very happy with them. Plus they will compliment my BodyPump colors of red, gray, and black! Woohoo! Just beware: if you have wider or even average-width feet, I recommend looking for an earlier style because they will be tight.


2. The Skimm

I really try to stay away from news media just because it doesn't take long before my blood starts boiling and I get super stressed. But I still want to stay informed. So that's why I subscribe to the free news email service The Skimm. Every weekday, I get an email in my inbox letting me know the basics of what is going on in the world. The topics are thorough but kept short and sweet so I can get updated quickly and if I want to learn more, I can go find out more on my own. But I really appreciate The Skimm and how it allows me to stay informed AND keep my stress levels at a moderately manageable level for the day.


3. My Favorite Homemade Ranch Dip

This combo right here screams family get-togethers and comfort food for me. My mom and aunts always made this dip for any celebratory occasion and I've loved it so much I started making it for my veggie dip. No need to celebrate (unless you like to celebrate veggies). I get the bulk ranch powder and sour cream at my local Sam's Club and make a small batch to last each week, along side the hummus and green goddess dressing, of course, because you can never have too many dips for veggies (and sometimes potato chips too because I'm all about dem kettle chips).


4. Dexter on Netflix

It's been a while since I watched Dexter. **SPOILER ALERT** I think it was because it took so long to recover from that horrible finale.

But I've found my way back to it because it's so darn good (aside from the last season). Hubs and I really enjoy a late-night series to binge-watch (no, I don't do Game of Thrones) and this one has been just as entertaining the second time around.

5. Downy Unstopables In-Wash Scent Booster

Multiple workouts a day lead to a lot of stinky, sweaty loads of laundry. Since I tend to use a scent-free detergent for my son's clothes, I sometimes wish my workout clothes had a bit of a pleasant "freshly washed" scent, ya know? That's why I love to use (aff link) Downy Unstopables laundry scent booster on my towels and workout clothes and I love it. There's nothing nicer than putting on some awesome-smelling workout clothes or coming out of the shower to a fresh, soft towel. Mmmm.


How was your week? Anything new you'd like to share?

Please share in the comments below!

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