Five Things Friday – #12

Happy Five Things Friday, everybody! Where the heck did this week go?! It's been a super busy few days of BodyPump classes, Mommy and Me workouts, Z's swim class, some blogging, training some new moms on lifting technique, and cleaning up the endless supply of dog hair in the house. I seriously think Willow has hit another shedding phase and might be getting her winter coat already because OMG it's EVERYWHERE and I CANNOT DEAL.

Okay okay... calming down now. Here are some highlights from this week 🙂

1. Crossfit Games 2017

This is probably the first year I've really paid some attention to the Crossfit Games. I'm not a Crossfitter but I do enjoy watching these women and men kick some major azz. It's just incredible to see how much these people can accomplish at these games.


2. Black Bean Burger Taco Salads

I'm really digging this salad right now and could probably eat it every day. Filled with a bunch of fiber, protein, fats, and carbs, it's a very balanced meal in a single bowl. It's made with a baked black bean burger and topped with all of my favorite taco ingredients. Easy recipe coming next week!


3. David Rio's Sugar-Free Flamingo Vanilla Chai Mix

I'd like to preface this by saying that I usually hate sugar-free anything. The aftertaste is just nasty. But you guys, this is like a dessert in a cup. I've been an avid fan of David Rio Chai mixes for years now because there simply isn't anything better out there for a sugar-free, caffeine-free drink. Period. I used to purchase them at World Market but since we moved I couldn't find it locally. So here's an aff link from Amazon if you aren't near a World Market and would like to purchase some. I guarantee you will love it. Another person who loves it is my son, who thinks it's his "special coffee" that he gets to drink with me in the morning. How cute is that?!

4. Lore Podcast

I'm all about suspense, thriller, and crime podcasts. When I found Lore, I was immediately hooked. Aaron Mahnke is the show's host and each week he talks about the intriguing and sometimes terrifying history behind common folklore and urban myths. Check it out here:

5. My first week instructing BodyPump!

The staff at the YMCA wasted no time in getting me involved in instructing Les Mills BodyPump this week. I coached half the class on Saturday morning and again Monday afternoon.I'm super happy that I survived, but I'll say that the coaching cues are still something I'm trying to work on. I've got a handle on the choreography, and I know as I get more and more used to the choreo, coaching will com with time. But overall I feel pretty good about instructing my classes, even though I know I have A LOT to work on! Looks like I'll continue to instruct/shadow about 2x per week until I get certified.


How was your week? Anything new you'd like to share?

Please share in the comments below!

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