Five Things Friday – #11

Hey everyone! Happy Five Things Friday! I hope you all have had an amazing week. My week has been filled with some very welcome rain, a ton of mosquito bites, a sick dog, and oh yeah, a very awesome instructor certification! For more info on that, read below.

1. Veggie Trays

I used to hate eating vegetables. But that was before I realized that I didn't have to eat what I didn't like. And then I discovered a really easy trick to consuming more of the vegetables I like. It's the veggie tray! Each week, I try to prep all of my snacking veggies and place them in a veggie tray with some hummus or my favorite kind of ranch dip. I keep it at eye-level in my fridge and take it out at lunch time and dinner time. Sometimes I'll pull it out while I cook lunch/dinner to snack on. Since using a veggie tray, I've found that I've increased my veg intake by a TON, plus I snack less on other calorie dense options. They're not just for parties/events anymore! ALL HAIL THE VEGGIE TRAY!


2. All I've Avo Wanted Hydration Face Mask

Hot water from a shower tends to make my skin feel tight and flaky afterwards. Know the feeling? Well, I can kiss that nasty feeling goodbye thanks to my avocado mask from Perfectly Posh. I simply put it on 10-15 minutes before I hop in the shower, and then wash it off during. Afterwards, my face is as smooth and soft as my toddler's butt haha.


3. Tony Chachere's Original Creole Seasoning

Is there anything you can't put this stuff on?! I use it with pasta, soups, chicken, seafood, rice, and veggies. I only have to use a little bit to get a lot of flavor, and it's super versatile. I've heard Slap Ya Mama is also a good brand but I haven't tried it. Have you? Which one do you prefer?


4. My New 101 oz Water Bottle from Amazon

The water here in West Texas isn't really drinkable. It's tastes like old bathwater and I hate it. This means I can't just simply refill my water bottle at the gym when I need to. And when I'm there for 2+ hours, a small water bottle just doesn't cut it! So I purchased this 101 fluid ounce monster water bottle (aff link) on Amazon. I named him Goliath. And the best part about him is that he has a straw, which is how I like to drink my water. And the handle is awesome too!


5. I survived my Les Mills BodyPump Initial Training!

I wish I could share everything here, but I think I'm going to have to write about it in a separate post. But OMG this weekend was incredible! We spend 10 grueling hours on both Saturday and Sunday learning what it takes to become a Les Mills instructor. I was actually really shocked at how much intensive training these instructors go through to do what they do. It isn't just standing in front of a group barking orders; it's a LOT more. I'm so excited to have met these strong, amazing women, and be one step closer to becoming a BodyPump instructor!


What has been the biggest highlight of your week so far?

Share in the comments below!

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