Five Things Friday – #1

Happy Friday, friends! I’ve decided to start one of the ever-so-popular theme posts for the week called Five Things Friday, where I showcase five of my favorite things. I’m excited to give it a try because one, it will keep me accountable each week to post content regularly, and two, I have so many things I love telling people about. I’m like the go-to girl in my circle for information, products, etc, even when people aren’t asking for it. Hehe.

I hope you find some new things to obsess over just like me, so here goes! 

1. Shefit Sports Bras

If you’ve heard all the hubbub on my Instagram stories, you’ll know that I’m kind of obsessed with my Shefit bras, especially the sports ones. As a bigger-chested woman, I need something that offers both comfort and support, and preferably no underwire. The Shefit has all of this. I told my husband I may never wear another kind of bra again (since I tend to rock the athleisure look most of the time anyway). Shefit offers free shipping on orders over $70. And in my opinion, they’re worth every penny.



2. Wine and Crime Podcast

This is seriously one of the funniest podcasts I have ever heard and it fits right in with my weird sense of humor. If you’re into crime, graphic descriptions of all sorts of nastiness, and inappropriate im-going-to-hell-for-laughing-at-this humor, you’ll love this podcast. Amanda, Lucy, and Kenyon, I love you guys.

3. Les Mills BodyStep

I didn’t think it would be a tough class but holy crap the sweat is real, yo. I let a friend talk me into trying it and although it has taken some time for my joints to warm up to all the hip action, I have thoroughly enjoyed it. If your local gym has Les Mills classes, I really recommend that you give them a try if you haven’t already.

4. The Furchester Hotel

This show is a spinoff from Sesame Street and my toddler is obsessed. This is probably the only show that my kid will sit still to watch since there are a lot of recurring songs that he now recognizes and dances to, plus he loves Elmo. The show is on the Sprout channel, but first two seasons are also available on Netflix.

5. Moonology, by Yasmin Boland

If you’re looking to get more familiar lunar cycles and their roles in astrology, this is a great book for beginners. It’s very useful for those who are interested in learning about moon phases and using them to set your intentions.







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  1. My daughter like the Furchester Hotel too. It is a very cute show.
    1. Isn't it? He really likes Sesame Street but Furchester is just more bright and colorful so he's drawn to it more. Very cute show!

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