At the Crossroads of Self-Acceptance and Self-Improvement

There seems to be some turmoil among the fitness and body positive communities when it comes to the idea of loving yourself and making an effort for self-improvement. The big question:


Can you be body positive and still support physical change? 

I think the answer is yes, as long as the changes you are making to your body are your own choices, made for you and you only, not for others. I also believe that these changes should not be conditional, meaning we should never rely on our physical changes to be our only source of happiness, self-worth, or social acceptance. It’s hard to embrace the concept of both being happy with yourself and still wanting to change. I get it. But it helps to think of it like this:

Think of a person who you love. You love them as they are, unconditionally, right? Hopefully yes! And even if you love them unconditionally, you still want them to feel their best and happiest, right? Hopefully yes! The same goes for you. You can practice self-love and unconditional acceptance of who you are, and still choose to make changes based on what makes you feel most like you.

Making changes doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t love yourself, just as the lack of change doesn’t mean you hate yourself.


What does being “body positive” really mean?

Being body positive means doing whatever makes you feel the most “at home” in your body. You have ultimate control over your body, so you should absolutely be able to choose what you want to do with it! You get to decide what you want to change/not change about yourself.
It’s OKAY to want to change our aesthetic appearance and it is also okay to feel 100% amazing the way you are right here and now. Gray hair? Some people want to rock it, some people would rather be blonde. Thick thighs? Breast lift? Soft, jiggly tummy? Sculpted booty? Go for it, as long as you understand that these changes will never increase your self-worth as a human being or make you “better” than anyone else.
Being body positive means you embrace self-acceptance, you promote the love of all body types, AND you support everyone’s right to make changes/not make changes to their own body.


Speaking of hair color, I recently dyed my hair!



How do you feel about this? Do you think you can change your body and still be body-positive?





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