How Many Times Have You Gone Back to the Thing That Has Repeatedly Failed You?

It’s becoming more and more apparent that diets don’t fix anything. Yet we keep going back to them, over and over, claiming that this time it will work because “it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change” and that will won’t lose our willpower. Sound familiar? It does to me. I was this person, for a majority […]

Where I Draw the Line With HAES and Body Positivity

I have recently seen the Body Positive movement (specifically the “Health At Every Size” or HAES movement) make some comments condemning people who want to pursue fat loss or weight loss. Let me just say really quick that true Body Positivity does not condemn someone for wanting to make changes to their physique and/or their […]

10 Health-Based Podcasts That Aren’t Full of BS

Just like those so-called “health” magazines in the grocery checkout line, it’s hard to find good podcasts that base their information on solid science and not just the latest fad. Sometimes it can be hard to determine what’s factual and evidence-based vs. what’s pseudoscience nonsense pushing harmful ideas on their listeners. If that’s the case for […]