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Lularoe is ALL over the place these days! I live in the South and I feel like every other mom here in town owns at least a couple Lularoe pieces in her wardrobe. Yet I’ve somehow managed to not try anything on since finding out about the clothing brand, even though I’ve really wanted to! I’ve just never had the right opportunity at the right time.

But an awesome gal named Sarah Sharp contacted me and asked me if I would like to try some pieces for free. Since I’ve been dying to try Lularoe, I absolutely said yes and she gave me the opportunity to pick the style.

Note: I received these garments in exchange for an honest review. I am all about personal integrity when it comes to sharing my reviews, so please know that I always try to share the pros AND the cons with each item I review. I am NOT a consultant for Lularoe.



What is Lularoe?

Lularoe is a clothing brand for women that advertises style and comfort and versatility. A lot of moms love this brand because of its unique patterns, cute styles, and very easy maintenance. They offer tops, leggings, skirts, dresses, cardigans, and kimonos (and there are more styles coming soon, I’ve been told!). Each style has a special name and comes in literally thousands of patterns, so you’ll likely never see someone wearing the same thing as you. Lularoe leggings tend to be the most popular item because they too come in a ton of unique prints and patterns as well as solids, and they are apparently the most comfortable clothing item on the planet. Let’s see, shall we? 


What did I receive?

I asked Sarah for an Irma top, which is a long tunic with medium-length sleeves. Flowy clothing is fave of mine so I thought this might be a cute top on me. I also requested a pair of leggings because I wanted to understand the full-blown Lularoe craze!



What went down:

Sarah sent me my items in the cutest little package in the mail (very quickly, I might add!). I received a medium Irma top in a red and yellow flower print, and a pair of Tall and Curvy leggings because this momma may be short but she has some thighs and a booty.

The Irma: I’ve decided that the size medium is a bit big, and a little too flowy if worn just as is. BUT! This is why I actually like Lularoe’s clothing because I can take an item of clothing that may seem too big and find ways to wear it that still flatter my body. For example, I tied the side into a small knot and my Irma top instantly looked better. I could also gather the back panel into a knot as well. I’m a size medium to large in women’s tops, usually a large. So if you are in my size range, I suggest sizing down 1-2 sizes for a better fit. Guess I’ll just have to order an Irma from Sarah, and this time in a small 😉

I will also admit that the Irma’s fabric isn’t as breathable as some other fabrics I’ve worn. That in combination with a medium-length sleeve can make it feel preeetty toasty in this summer heat. I’m going to try to roll up the sleeves next time and see if that helps. I can totally see myself wearing this shirt in the Fall though, especially since the pattern works so well with my Fall wardrobe. Guess I need to add a shorter length sleeve top to my list, too, Sarah 😉


The Leggings: I made my husband feel the leggings and his immediate response was “Wow, those are soft.” Ladies aren’t lying when they say these leggings are like butter. They’re super soft and comfortable. I received the Tall and Curvy size which is just fine because I can easily fold the ankles under to whatever length I choose (I like capri length most of the time). Pictured: my TC leggings rolled under just slightly for ankle-length. I could wear them bunched at the bottom which is cute too. And yes, that is dog hair on my floor and I have flip-flop tan lines. #momlife!



Are there any cons?

Well, I put the leggings on and didn’t want to take them off when it came time to go to bed. They’re that comfy. However, the fabric is so “plush” that they do retain a lot of heat. I can’t think of a better word to describe them than “plush”. The fabric isn’t thick in diameter but it is very thick-feeling and soft, if that makes sense. I probably will only be wearing them casually and not during a workout.

I wouldn’t wear them for a workout (unless it’s yoga) because as a mommy with a little jiggle in her thighs and tummy, I want to have some compression and support around my midsection and legs when I’m jumping around. Lularoe leggings have a lot of stretch. This is awesome when I just want to be out and about town or lounging at home. So Lularoe’s leggings are not personally my ideal workout bottoms. But my TC leggings ARE squat proof, in case you are interested in trying them in your own workout routine!

But that is really the only con I find about Lularoe. The fabrics retain a lot of heat, which will be amazing come Fall and Winter time. I just need to get shorter sleeves and roll up my leggings to capri length for the Summer.



The verdict…

I’m probably going to have to order a few more pieces from Sarah! She’s an awesome consultant and I definitely need some more cute prints and styles in my life. Lularoe works for me!

If you’re interested in purchasing Lularoe items from Sarah, here is her awesome VIP Facebook Group:


Have you tried Lularoe clothing before? What do you think?

Let me know in the comments below!


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